Primary Care Services

Unlimited Virtual Visits

Unlimited virtual access to quality primary care through text or audio from a doctor or nurse practitioner may see members.

What We Treat

$0 After Subscription

In Person Visits

Access to in person care at over 1200+ clinic locations across the country.

Our clinic partners include CVS MinuteClinic, Allina Health, and more.

Find A River Clinic

$0 After Subscription.
Limited to 3 visits a year for conditions that cannot be treated virtually. $99 per visit after first 3 visits.

Chronic Disease Management

Management for common chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma, hypertension, and more.

$0 After Subscription. Does not include prescriptions.

Reproductive Health Services

Access to a wide range of reproductive health services including:

STD Testing - Comprehensive STD testing for HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis.

Infections - Treatment for vaginal infections like UTIs, yeast infections, etc.

Skincare - Treatment for hormonal acne, dermatitis, and more.

Well-woman exams - Access to an annual comprehensive well-woman exam (includes pap smears)

$0 After Subscription

General Prescriptions

River's mail-order pharmacy ships prescriptions to members for just $5 for a month's worth of medication. Shipping is free.

See Our Formulary

$5-$10 After Subscription

Birth Control Prescriptions

Access to birth control pills for $0/month and shipped quarterly.

See the list of birth control pills included in our formulary. (Select Women's Health)

$0 After Subscription

Lab Testing

Access to a wide range of lab tests for $30 or less.

$30 After Subscription

Wellness Services

Access to nutritionists and premium meditation apps.

$0 After Subscription

Behavioral Health Services

Dedicated Therapist

Access to a dedicated behavioral health professional or therapist.

$0 After Subscription

Virtual Therapy Session

Enjoy private virtual therapy sessions with a dedicated licensed social worker, psychologist, or therapist.

$0 After Subscription

Affordable Medication

If medication is appropriate, we will mail it to your doorstep for no more than $10/month. Shipping is free.

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All our members get a premium Headspace subscription

$0 After Subscription

OK, but how much?

We have the simplest pricing in healthcare (if we say so ourselves)

Behavioral Healthcare

$15 /month
  • Dedicated Licensed Therapist
  • Virtual Visits On Your Phone
  • Medications Mailed To You For Just $10/month
  • Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, and more

Primary Healthcare

$35 /month
  • Unlimited Virtual Visits
  • In-person Office Visits
  • 1000+ Partner Clinics Across The U.S
  • Treatment for Chronic Conditions like Hypertension, Diabetes, etc.
  • $5 Prescriptions with Free Shipping
  • Labs For $30 or Less
  • Well Woman Exams / Annual Physical
  • $0 Birth Control With Free Shipping
  • Treatment for over 150+ Medical conditions

All-in-one Healthcare

$50 /month

All the benefits of

Behavioral Healthcare

Primary Healthcare

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