Quality primary care

Care for Shoppers and Drivers with Shipt.

Shipt has partnered with River Health to provide affordable health benefits to Shipt Shoppers and Drivers starting at $0/month.

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What’s The Cost?

$0 - $35
SHIPT contractors pay $0 for the first month and $35/month after that.
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How do I enroll?

Step 1

Sign Up Online

Go here to create an account with your phone number, your SHIPT email, and SHIPT promo code.

Step 2

Create A Profile

Answer a few questions about your medical history to be connected with a primary care provider.

Step 3

Enjoy Quality Care

Enjoy quality care like unlimited virtual care, $0 doctor's office visits, $0 prescriptions and more.

Common Questions

What's the cost of this health benefit?
Where can I use my benefits?
Am I eligible?
Can I add my family?
Will this replace my health insurance?
What is the Shipt Promo Code?
I have more questions.