Care for your body and mind.

Enjoy $0 primary and specialty care bundled with $0 virtual visits with licensed mental health professionals nationwide.

See What Is Included
$0 primary and specialty care from board-certified providers.
$0 virtual talk therapy from licensed therapists.

Quality primary, specialty, and behavioral healthcare.

Starter Plan Benefits

The Complete Plan includes all the benefits of the Starter Plan like $0 office visits, labs, virtual care, and prescriptions.

$0 Talk Therapy

The Complete Plan offers quality therapy from board-certified mental health professionals nationwide.

$0 Specialty Care

See a specialist with a referral from your primary care provider up to five times a year at no cost.

Get started in 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Sign Up Online

Activate your account online and download the River Health app to chat with your doctor or therapist.

Step 2

See Your PCP, Therapist, or Specialist

Your plan allows you to see a primary care doctor, therapist, or specialist. Book an appointment at over 25,000 clinics.

Step 3

Prescriptions Delivered

If your doctor or mental health professional writes a prescription, River Health will deliver it to your doorstep.

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